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26 August 2011 @ 01:12 pm

Before you fill out your application, please check to see if your Pokemon choices coincide with this list. If so, you'll have to choose another one -- there are 649 Pokemon to choose from, and if you need help, I strongly advise you to use the National Pokedex over at Bulbapedia to help. This is the current list of Pokemon ineligible to be part of your start team:


And just for a reference, this is a complete list of legendary Pokemon. DO NOT CHOOSE POKEMON FROM THIS LIST. Obtaining one must be done in roleplay and must be agreed to by me.

24 August 2011 @ 05:23 pm

So you've checked everything out and want to join? That is a most excellent, excellent decision, one that you won't regret. ;) This is the current list of taken and reserved characters; the application can be found at the bottom! Just fill it out, post it in a comment, and you'll be all ready to go!



updated: 09.19.2011

24 August 2011 @ 05:11 pm

Please read all of the following, as it will help you to better understand the world and the style of this RP, as it is not your normal Livejournal RP.

RULESCollapse )

FAQCollapse )

Any questions that you may have may be asked in this post, or left in a post over at the OOC comm, masterballs_ooc! Thank you for reading!

updated: 08.31.2011

24 August 2011 @ 03:41 pm
It's just another typical night in Tokyo where you're on the town, or at home, or even at work. All you really think about is getting home and going to bed, or perhaps you're looking forward to getting the day off tomorrow. You go to bed and it takes half the time for you to fall asleep than it usually does, the last things on your minds drifting away until you're completely blank...

You wake up and nothing is as it seems. Everything's unfamiliar; your bed, the spacious, wooden room you're sleeping in. But most of all? Outside the window, there's fields upon fields of grass, a few more small buildings, and people running around, strange animals with them, playing or working or just simply hanging out, having a good time. You stumble out of bed, tripping over a bag set next to you. You dig through it and pull out three red and white balls. It all seems shockingly familiar, but it can't be, can it...?

You rummage through the bag and pull out the infamous Pokedex. Flipping it open, you jab a few buttons, then finally find your location.

A region called Unova.

Welcome to Masterballs, a Johnny's & Associates/Pokemon crossover RPG! In this game, you'll find our dearly beloved Johnny's idols (and those they're good friends with) transported to the Pokemon world out of the blue. Some may just be getting here, others might have been here a while already, but one thing is for certain -- life in the Pokeworld sure as hell isn't as easy as just buttonmashing A or holding B.